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Publicado el junio 5th, 2018 | por (Admin) Ana Satchi


KtSaLES: Emily Stefan sale del armario


Emily Stefan, hija menor de la cantante Gloria Stefan, sale del armario para celebrar el primer año de relación con su novia

La hija menor de Gloria Stefan, Emily Stefan, además de ser una estrella de la música a pesar de su juventud, también ha sido noticia estos días por haber salido del armario para celebrar el primer año de relación con su novia, Gemeney Hernández. Emily dedicó estas palabras a su pareja: ‘Te amo. Todas y cada una de tus palabras me hacen elevarme. No puedo esperar más a que vea el mundo lo que eres capaz de hacer’.

What does it feel like to have words like THIS written about you? I’ll let you know when I have an answer.. for now.. I’m just a glowing puddle. I love you. Each and every word you write elevates me. (about me or not) I can’t wait for the world (and you) to see what you’re capable of. #Repost @holagemeny ・・・ “What do you have to say about our anniversary?” she asks, as if my love for her could ever find it’s resting place among the curling lines of letters turned words. It can’t. What do you do when your life comes to a stop as a result of one meeting, one person? How do you cope? Where do you go? I imagine these are things I would’ve asked myself if I had any choice in the matter. But I didn’t. You see, you swept me. You took me from my standing place and catapulted me to a new world. A brand new place, a most beautiful universe unlike anything I had every seen. (I know now I could only have reached it with you holding my hand.) There is love in every corner here. And not the kind of love you might think I’m referring to. Not flowers, chocolates, and poor-rhyme-scheme love. True love. Good love. Our love. Love that permeates every piece of its surroundings. Love that chokes you, shakes you, scares you, illuminates you, heals you, awakens you. Love that pours so much of itself into you, you can’t help but become it. Love that is so loud, everything else is just background noise. And it looks so much like you. I have lived every one of the last 365 days of my life lost in this beautiful place, this beautiful love. Lost in you, and the extraordinary honor of loving you. You are light, you are beauty, you are home, and you are all that I aspire to be. I don’t know where you came from, but I am sure glad you are here. To 1, to 2, to 20 lifetimes more. I love you. Yours, fully, Moon Flower P.S. Hearing our voices together is the closest I’ve been to heaven.

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Emily Stefan tiene 22 años y se dedica al mundo de la canción y el espectáculo, igual que su padre y su madre. Tiene su propio sello discográfico y en febrero de 2018 sacó su primer trabajo, titulado ‘Take Watewer You Want’. Toca el violín, la batería, la guitarra y el piano.

“Dearest Moon Flower, I fear that even when I part from the words on this page I won't be satisfied with the way they will represent you. To be honest, I can see myself living perpendicular to this paper only watching my hands age as I write about you. No combination of characters could ever do you justice. But you know what will? Applying one of the amazing things you’ve taught me about life. One of MANY. Enjoying every moment. That’s when I knew I was falling in love with you. Every moment felt (and feels) suspended in another dimension. A dimension where I truly feel home. And you know what the best part is? Every moment since that first one, gets sweeter, deeper, more powerful, and remains forever in motion. Our love has no choice but to be art. And you, are a true masterpiece. Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful Moon Flower. Always facing the sun, and tugging at the earth. A vision in her own beautiful orbit. I love you”❣️

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Enhorabuena a Emily Stefan por su talento musical, y también por su valentía para convertirse en referente para muchas jóvenes latinas del colectivo LGTBI+.

FUENTE: http://informalia.eleconomista.es/informalia/actualidad/noticias/8822215/12/17/La-hija-de-Gloria-Estefan-sale-del-armario-y-presenta-a-su-novia.html

Ya sabéis, si queréis contarnos vuestra experiencia saliendo del armario, o la de una persona de vuestra familia, amiga, conocida, desconocida… O bien enviarnos historias de ficción sobre este tema, podéis hacerlo a través del correo electrónico: info@inoutradio.com.

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