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Publicado el enero 28th, 2019 | por (Admin) Ana Satchi


Actualidad LGBTQI: Hablamos con Kika Fumero, Directora de Investigación de European Lesbian Conference (EL*C)


La 2ª edición de la European Lesbian Conference se celebrará el próximo mes de abril, concretamente del 12 al 14 en Kiev (Ucrania). En el congreso se darán a conocer los resultados de una encuesta a nivel europeo y centro asiático sobre mujeres lesbianas. La encuesta es en inglés, y entre las participantes se sortearán dos entradas al Congreso. Aquí la explicación sobre la encuesta:


As stated in its launch report the EL*C Brief Report on Lesbian* Lives in (parts of) Europe Focus Topics: Discrimination and Health (2017), the European Lesbian* Conference is committed to filling the existing gaps in data and research on the diverse experiences of lesbian lives in Europe and in Central Asia. From the start, we decided to make research around lesbians an ongoing project. This year, the novelty is that we have taken it upon ourselves to directly collect our own data for the upcoming report by creating a survey. This shift in agency happened because no time is left to wait for others to take this on for lesbians!  

We are counting on the many lesbians out there to help us meet our great expectations for increased data and research by answering this survey. On the one hand, the questions asked will help grasp lesbians’ experiences in different regions and on different aspects, such as: violence, health, discrimination, decision-making & political participation, visibility, and family. On the other hand, some questions will inform on the extent of lesbian-led initiatives per region and on the expectations participants would have for a European & Central Asian Lesbian* Network.

 As we enter the survey dissemination phase, we are hoping for wide support from all actors with sharing  the survey with lesbians; more concretely, here is how anyone can help:


  • For organisations: please share the survey with your lesbian members!
  • For lesbians: please share the survey with your lovers, wives, friends and lesbian colleagues!
  • For employers: please share the survey with lesbian staff and colleagues! 

We are excited to announce ahead of time that the survey results will be officially presented at the 2nd European Lesbian* Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine between 12-14 April 2019. To entice some lesbians to respond to the survey, we will raffle 2 tickets to attend EL*C #2! 

If you agree with, please send us an email and we will mention you in the acknowledgements. We appreciate your support & collaboration!  

N.B.: Please note that deadline for answering this survey is 8th March 2019″.

Y aquí el enlace a la encuesta (en inglés), que puede contestarse hasta el 8 de marzo de 2019:

Aquí puedes contestar la encuesta

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